Warehouse Space in Pittsburg, KS

If you own a business, you know how precious extra space can be. You need a place for your inventory, back stock, documents, and supplies, but it’s not often easy to find a storefront that has enough space in the back for everything you need to run your business. That’s where Elm Street Warehousing comes in!

Our warehousing facility provides ample storage space for just about any commercial storage need. We’re conveniently located in Pittsburg, KS and offer a broad range of storage options that are perfect for businesses. What’s more, many of our storage spaces are climate controlled to keep your stock in top shape!

Our warehouse spaces can be used to store your commercial items or for other purposes. Many of our customers have used our warehouse spaces as an extra-large garage where they can both store their vehicles and work on special projects. Each of our spaces is well-lit and equipped with electricity. Additionally, we allow 24-hour access, access to restrooms, and surveillance cameras in all common areas to keep watch over our property and maintain a secure environment.
Our warehousing spaces come in a variety of sizes to accommodate just about any commercial storage need.

Our individual units range from 86.25 square feet (7.5x11.5’ climate controlled units) to 180 square feet (12x15’ units).

We offer several warehousing options:
  • A 1,512 square foot warehouse space (27.3x55.4’) for personal or commercial purposes.
  • A 9,364 square foot warehouse space (66.7x140.4’) for personal or commercial purposes
  • A 23,216 square foot warehouse space (122x190.3’) with 24 ft ceilings for extra space. Additional features include dock high doors with levelers.
Contact us to learn more about our warehouse and garage spaces!