Can You Use Climate-Controlled Self Storage as a Hobby Workshop? | Countryside Self Storage

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With space around the house at a premium, interest in self storage for all our personal storage needs has never been higher. People are searching for “storage units near me” to keep tabs on everything they don’t have space for at home, from seasonal items to excess hobby supplies and collectibles. Climate-controlled storage units are also extremely popular among those who are buying or selling a home and need a little space for their belongings while they’re between residences or staging a home for sale.

With so much interest in self storage, it’s no wonder that many individuals with “serious leisure interests” have asked, can a self storage unit be used as a workshop? The answer, for the most part, is yes! Interior climate-controlled units can be used as art studios or darkrooms for classic photography, while outside units can handle woodworking and small-scale construction projects. They even make a great space to work on a personal vehicle or fix up that project car.

One of the great things about using self storage for your hobbies is that you can rent only the space that you need. Whether your passion is for drawing, painting, crafting, or assembling furniture, and whether you need just a few square feet to practice or a bunch of storage for all those supplies, you can choose a unit with the proportions that are right for you.

Units that are 10x10 or 5x15 are perfect for a little studio space, while larger units can accommodate bigger projects or allow you to store excess art supplies, materials, canvases, and your completed masterpieces. Even if you’re using an interior, climate-controlled storage unit, you’ll probably want to add a battery-powered lamp and a portable fan or heater to help make your workspace as comfortable as possible. You’ll probably also want a comfy chair, a work table, and whatever else you need to be creative.

While some incredible benefits come with using climate-controlled storage units for your creative space, these spaces have some limitations, too. You can’t run a commercial office out of your self storage unit, for example, nor can you work with projects that require flammable liquids such as propane or petroleum. It’s also a bad idea to work in an enclosed space with anything that causes a ventilation risk (such as paint fumes) or loud noise (such as some power tools).

You should always speak with the folks at your friendly local self storage office prior to renting if you plan to transform your storage unit into a workspace. They can let you know what is and isn’t allowed, and they’ll also help guide you in selecting the self storage unit that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in setting up a workspace in your storage unit or if you have more questions about what types of hobbies are appropriate for self storage, contact Countryside Self-Storage today. With five premier storage facilities in Pittsburg, Joplin, and Frontenac, we’ve got a self storage solution that’s perfect for your next project!