Keep Your Retail Business Clutter-Free in 2021 | Countryside Self Storage

If you own a retail business, you probably already know that the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to de-clutter your space. After all, the winter holidays are over, you've performed your end-of-year inventory, and you're ready for a new start. Whether you're talking about a showroom or a warehouse, retail space is expensive real estate. You can't afford to let any of it go to waste by housing clutter that doesn't contribute anything to your bottom line.

How do you identify the stuff that's cluttering up your retail spaces and decide what can be thrown out versus what you should put into storage? Not to worry. We've got a list that you can check twice to identify sources of retail clutter you might be missing!

Here are the top sources of retail business clutter you can move to Missouri storage units:

  • Seasonal and promotional sale items that are now past their season or otherwise aren't in high demand.
  • Backstock and overstock of any kind, as well as any discontinued merchandise.
  • Packing and shipping supplies, especially ones that aren't in heavy use.
  • Unused display racks, shelving, and other fixtures, including seasonal or other recurring displays that aren't currently in use.
  • Damaged or returned items that haven't yet been sent back to the manufacturer, distributor, or wherever their final destination may be.
  • Unused furniture, whether it's back office furniture or "customer facing" furnishings.
  • Boxes of files and documents that need to be retained for your records but don't have to be accessed on a daily basis.
  • Redundant display signs and other "visual clutter".
  • Anything that takes up a lot of space without providing an equivalent amount of value.

Clutter of any kind is a barrier to success. Remember that a successful store is one that customers can shop in easily and comfortably. If your store has less visual noise and fewer physical barriers, it will be easier it for customers to find what they're looking for. Your store will also look more appealing from the outside and draw in more foot traffic.

How do you declutter your store without throwing out things that you need to keep? Missouri storage units can provide affordable business self storage solutions near you so that you can keep everything neat, tidy, and, perhaps most important, out of the way. There are plenty of storage options available to retail customers, from traditional self storage to warehouse space and outdoor "on-demand" storage or shipping containers.

Whatever storage solution you choose, however, it should be secure, accessible, weather-resistant, and large enough to accommodate the needs of your business. At Countryside Self Storage, we offer the kinds of storage solutions your business needs. We have five premier facilities in Missouri and Kansas, so you'll always be able to find what you're looking for.

Instead of searching Google for "storage units near me," just contact Countryside at one of our convenient locations in Joplin, Pittsburg, or Frontenac today, and let us help you find the storage solution that's perfect for your business!