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First Home Owners
Believe it or not, roughly 35,000 couples get married in the state of Missouri every year! That’s a lot of folks getting hitched and moving in to their first home together. It’s a lot of moving truck rentals. A lot of boxes. A lot of friends who happen to have pickup trucks helping out on moving day. And a lot of pizza for those extra hands that helped to get the job done. When you really think about it, combining two lives is not an easy thing to do. We accumulate a lot of stuff in the course of our lives. Even though the average age for a first-time marriage is about 25, after high school and college and a few years in the working world, you’ve probably already built up a lot of furniture, clothes, appliances, kitchen gadgets, and whatnot. Your spouse probably has, too, and now you might have two of everything. It should come as no surprise that those who make the move into their first home together after tying the knot find that they have a lot of stuff they don’t need or don’t have room for.
Hence, part of moving in together is finding a place for everything you’re keeping and a place for everything else. Maybe you want to donate some of it, stage a garage sale, or keep that extra blender, toaster, or couch for when the first one breaks down. Whatever you do with your extra stuff, you don’t want to be tripping over it all in the meantime, so make the transition easier with a little help from some Missouri storage units near you.
Whether it’s sentimental family heirlooms that you can’t bear to part with but that don’t really have a place in your new home, stuff that you’re planning to put into that garage sale that hasn’t happened yet, or anything else that needs a place that’s safe, secure, and out of the way, self storage may be the ideal solution for all your storage needs in your new home.
Climate controlled self storage is especially useful for storing everything from artwork to antique furniture to all your old outfits. Not only is self storage safe and secure, it’s also convenient. Nothing is really gone; it’s just out of the way. You still have easy access to all your stuff, and you can keep the peace (and avoid tripping hazards) as you start your new life together.
If you’re about to say, “I do,” go ahead and Google “storage units near me” to find a convenient Countryside Self Storage location in your area. We have Missouri storage units in a variety of sizes, so we can accommodate just about anything that has become a point of contention in your otherwise happy home!

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