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What Types of Businesses Use Self-Storage and Why?
Self-storage in Missouri or Kansas has always been a great solution for homeowners and renters, whether they’re storing grandma’s antique furniture or finding an out-of-the-way spot for holiday decorations during the rest of the year. However, individuals and families aren’t the only ones who can find multiple uses for self-storage. A wide range of businesses use self-storage for a variety of reasons. Self-storage can benefit any business, whether they’re online retail shops that need to store inventory or contractors who need a space for tools, supplies, and even work vehicles.
Here in the Midwest, businesses use self-storage in Kansas and Missouri as a cost-effective alternative to office space, vehicle storage, warehouse space, and much more. Whether they’re storing documentation and files, staging products for shipping, setting aside excess inventory, or parking work vehicles, businesses can find endless uses for self-storage. It’s all possible because self-storage facilities offer flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of businesses of all sizes.
Say that some business owners started out renting storage units simply to get some things out of the way for a remodel or expansion, but then ended up enjoying the convenience. Because storage units come in a variety of sizes, those business owners could easily upgrade or downgrade as needs changed, including opting for climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, and much more.
What types of businesses use self-storage and why?
  • E-commerce and online retail businesses that need space to store inventory and supplies turn to self-storage.
  • Contractors and construction companies use self-storage for everything from tools and materials to vehicles and equipment.
  • Sales representatives and marketers use self-storage to store samples, materials, and promotional items.
  • Small-business owners of all types take advantage of climate-controlled storage for files, documents, office supplies, and even unused office furniture.
  • Restaurants, catering companies, and food trucks may store extra furniture, equipment, and supplies, while food trucks may even store the trucks themselves in vehicle storage!
  • Landscaping and gardening businesses have a place for tools and equipment, including trucks and mowers.
  • Artists and musicians can store everything from supplies to instruments, especially with climate-controlled storage.
  • Non-profit organizations, especially those that host events, can make use of self-storage to stage equipment, supplies, and other event materials.
That’s just scratching the surface. When you get right down to it, just about any business of just about any size has things that need to be stored, which means that pretty much every business can benefit from self-storage in Missouri or Kansas. Self-storage provides an affordable and convenient solution for keeping items out of the way of doing business while still having them easily accessible when you need them.
At Countryside Self-Storage, we offer all our customers wide traffic lanes for easy access to storage units, concrete surfaces throughout, 24/7 gated access to our secure, a well-lighted facility, climate-controlled storage, package drop-off, and more. We know that access is of vital importance, especially for our business customers, which is why our facilities can accommodate box trucks and semi-trailer trucks. We offer oversized doors, electrical access, and even drive-up climate-controlled units at some locations.
Whether you’re a small-business owner looking to expand your operation or just someone who needs to make some extra space in the attic, garage, or closet, Countryside Self-Storage offers four premier storage facilities to meet your needs in Pittsburg, Joplin, and Frontenac. To get started, reach out to us today or come see us at one of our convenient locations offering self-storage in Kansas and Missouri.