Everything You Should Put in Self Storage for the Autumn and Winter Months

It feels like the seasons get longer every year, especially when we're tripping over pool noodles and skateboards in the garage while trying to dig out the leaf rakes in November and the snowblower in February. Most of us store all kinds of summer gear in our garage all year round, but the average two-car garage is only about 18 feet wide by 20 feet deep. That doesn't leave a lot of room for all four seasons' worth of gear, especially if you want to pull both cars into the garage during the cold winter months.

Fortunately, you can save yourself from tripping, free up space to park both cars, and still have room for the snow shovel and the ice melt by transferring all that summertime stuff out of the garage and into self-storage until the weather warms up again.

The Big Stuff in Your Way: As much as you may want to, you probably won't be firing up that gas grill or smoker once the first snowfalls. The kids aren't likely to be riding their bikes or tricycles or skateboards when the weather gets chilly, either, and you probably won't be using the lawnmower or that patio furniture. If you've got an ATV or a fishing boat, it can find a home away from home (and out of the garage) during the off-season with vehicle self storage!

The Stuff You Don't Want to Trip Over: Paddleboards, scuba gear, camping equipment, gardening tools, golf bags, flower pots, kids' wagons, garden hoses and sprinklers: It's all stuff that takes up space and tends to get strewn all over the garage so that you trip on it at the worst possible time. Fortunately, it's also stuff that can easily be stored in a handy self-storage unit. For awkwardly sized items such as sports equipment or long gardening tools, try using a garbage can as makeshift storage to keep things organized inside your unit. If you've got an extra garbage can that you need to get out of the garage, all the better!

Everything Else: Summer clothes, swimwear, beach towels and beach toys, tools and supplies for summer projects around the home and garden—whatever you've got that's taking up space and won't be needed again until the weather warms up can be packed away in self-storage so that it's easy to access but out of the way!

Finally, Here's a Handy Self Storage Tip: You don't need us to tell you that it gets mighty cold in the winter in Kansas and Missouri. If you're storing something that could be affected by extreme temperatures or drastic changes in humidity, consider climate-controlled self storage in Frontenac, Pittsburg, and Joplin.

Whether you're trying to make space for that second car in your garage this winter or need someplace to park your boat during the off-season, Countryside Self-Storage has you covered. With convenient self-storage facilities in Pittsburg and Frontenac, KS as well as Joplin, MO, there's bound to be a Countryside near you! Come see us today!