Downsizing a Home: SIX Tips to Help You Move Your Parents Simply | Countryside Self Storage


The choice for older adults to downsize into a smaller home or apartment is rarely an easy one. Many people have lived in family homes for decades and have imbued the rooms with lots of happy memories. But the simple fact is downsizing is often easier, safer, more cost-effective, or otherwise preferable. When parents make this difficult decision, their adult children want to help make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, making use of self storage in Joplin and stocking up on packing supplies from your favorite self storage provider can make the whole process a lot easier. Looking for other ways to simplify the move? Check out these six tips:

1. Plan and Communicate the Move. Once your parents have made that tough decision to downsize, it's time to tell everyone about it. This may start six months or even a year prior to the move itself. After all, there's a lot to plan and prepare, from sorting and packing to filling out change-of-address forms and handling all of those little details. Arranging garage sales, taking items to consignment shops, and making charitable donations all take time and preparation. And if their new place is too small for some belongings that your parents can't bear to part with, there's always self storage in Pittsburg, Frontenac, and Joplin.

2. Categorize and Pack Belongings. The easiest way to move is to pack and organize one room at a time. Keeping items organized and categorized as you go makes it easier to find things once your parents get to the new place. This method can also help to organize stuff in self storage. One key to an orderly move that's low in stress is to use the right self storage packing supplies, which you can buy from your nearest Countryside self storage location.

3. Let Family Members Help. Moving is a big job, so take all the help you can get. You'll want to make sure that the whole process isn't too overwhelming for your parents. Take breaks as needed to make sure everyone gets the rest they need, and let family members, neighbors, and friends help with packing and carrying boxes.

4. But Don't Pack Everything. There are some items that you'll need to be able to access right up to (and even on) the day of the move. Keep those items out. Not sure what you'll need? Not to worry. Your friendly neighborhood self storage provider made a do not pack list!

5. Use the Floorplan. You don't want to move heavy items such as furniture more than once, so make sure you know where those items are going before you start. Mark boxes according to which room they're going into in the new place. You can find boxes, markers, and other self storage packing supplies at Countryside!

6. Take Advantage of Self Storage. At the end of the day, remember that the goal is to get your parents moved as smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Self storage in Joplin, Frontenac, and Pittsburg can help keep stuff safe, accessible, and out-of-the-way while you and your parents are figuring out their new living arrangement.

With five storage facilities in Pittsburg and Frontenac, KS and Joplin, MO, Countryside Self Storage is bound to have a location near you. Contact us today for more moving tips, information about climate controlled storage units, self storage packing supplies, or anything else you may need to make your parents' move a pleasant one.