Getting the RV Prepped for Your Summer Road Trip | Countryside Self Storage

Joplin MO

Spring is already on its way to summer, and this is a perfect time to start thinking about getting your RV out of vehicle storage in Joplin, MO and onto the open road! Whether you've got an RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer, truck camper or a Class A, B, or C motorhome, this is a prime time to prep for that first big summer road trip. Here are a few tips from your friends at Countryside Self Storage on how to do it!

Before you do anything else, check your owner's manual! Every vehicle is a little different, and the manufacturer will know the best ways to take care of your RV, motorhome, travel trailer, or what have you to make sure it stays on the road for a long, long time. Check the owner's manual and follow any manufacturer instructions.

Give it a good cleaning. Even if it's just been sitting in RV storage in Joplin all winter long, it's still likely collected some dust. That's not the only reason to give your RV a good cleaning before you hit the road, though. Polishing everything up – from the roof to the tires – will make your rig look good as new and make that first road trip feel like an event to remember. It'll also help you eyeball anything that might need to be fixed before you get on the road. Pay special attention to the roof and check for leaks. Then take a close look at awnings, sidewalls, the front cap, windows and screens, and of course the tires and wheels. Don't forget to clean out the inside, too, especially the oven, fridge, and any interior storage areas.

Perform all your safety checks. Before you begin, it's especially important to follow manufacturer instructions. After a long winter, it's also a good idea to replace any and all batteries in the RV and check things like gas lines, the air conditioner, brakes and brake pads, belts, and tires again. Any one of those going out on you can really put a damper on your vacation! Don't forget to pack up a roadside emergency kit that contains things like flares or reflectors, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kid, and a can of tire inflator and sealant. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Get the fridge ready. Besides cleaning the fridge, you should make sure that it still works. Don't add any food until you're almost ready to hit the road, though, and be sure that the temperature inside the fridge is down to around 40 degrees or so before you put any food inside.

Pack the basics – but just the basics. If you think a cluttered house is bad, there's nothing worse than a cluttered RV. Resist the urge to overpack, but be sure that you have everything you need. You can find plenty of RV travel pack lists with a simple Google search, so pick one that works for you and modify it to fit the needs of your trip and your family.

Double-check your route. Sure, we're all used to letting Google or Siri tell us how to get where we're going, but you shouldn't rely only on your devices or GPS to get you to your destination. For one thing, they don't always work everywhere. If you end up out in the boonies, you'll want to have a paper map. It's also worth remembering that an RV is a very different beast than a car, and sometimes the less direct (or more scenic) route is the one you want to take.

Book your campsites and return storage in advance. You can't just roll into Grand Canyon National Park and expect to find the perfect campsite just waiting for you, especially during the busy summer months. Your best bet for the most fulfilling trip is to plan in advance and book reservations at the places you know you'll want to go. And while you're at it, book a spot in RV storage in Joplin, MO for when you get back.

Countryside Self Storage offers all the vehicle storage in Joplin, MO that you might need, with options that will ensure that your RV is ready and waiting for that next big road trip. Just contact us at any of our Pittsburg, Joplin, or Frontenac locations to get started!