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When you're a realtor, you know the importance of a good first impression. When every new prospect could be a potential buyer, you want to have everything ready before they come for a showing, so they can picture the house the way it will look when they're all moved in. But what to do with all the clutter that comes with a house that's being lived in? Missouri self storage units provide a simple solution that realtors can take advantage of in lots of ways!

De-cluttering a home for sale. When less stuff is cluttering up a house, it seems immediately more spacious, and there are plenty of things that can go into storage to help make the house feel open and inviting to potential buyers. That isn't all, though; storage units in Missouri are also perfect for keeping the seller's more valuable possessions safe and sound (and out of the way) during an open house. You can also de-personalize a home by removing and storing family photos and other personal items. This way, prospective buyers can more easily picture their own families living there.

Home staging made easy! As you know, a well-staged home spends less time on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors Research Group, thirty-one percent of those surveyed reported that staging a home greatly decreased the amount of time the home was on the market, which is great for sellers and their agents. But oftentimes home staging means bringing in new furniture or other items to help dress up the home and make it more likely to sell. Missouri self storage units can help to hold whatever isn't in the home, and they can act as a staging area for show furniture.

Clear out the garage, basement, or attic. Many times, prospective home sellers may tidy up or otherwise improve the high-traffic areas of the house, at the expense of storage areas like the garage or basement. New buyers want to see what kind of space they have to work with, though, and if the basement or attic is filled with stuff, that can be a turn-off. Get that stuff out of the way with help from self storage in Missouri!

Offer storage space to your clients! This is easily one of the best tips we've heard. If a client has any reservations about being absent at showings because of valuable items they keep in the home, realtors who have self storage units available are able to offer the client storage space without requiring the client to commit to a lease. This is an easy way to gain points with a client and keep the process going!

Get the vehicles out of the driveway! As with the rest of the house, prospective buyers want to be able to imagine their own vehicles parked in front of their new home. Plus, clearing out the driveway increases curb appeal. Fortunately, vehicle storage in Missouri can give those cars and trucks a home away from home while the house is being sold.

And it's a place to store all those yard signs, too! Raising awareness of a home for sale means lots of signage, from standard realtor signs to open house announcements and more. When they're not in use, those signs can take up a lot of space. Why not keep them in a storage unit near you, instead? This is especially beneficial to real estate agents licensed in multiple states such as Kansas and Missouri, so they're not forced to haul items back and forth across the state line.

Storage units come in a variety of different sizes. Some are about the size of a closet while others are large enough to hold most of the contents of a typical home. If we've convinced you that a storage unit in Missouri is perfect for your realty business, don't Google "storage units near me." Come see us at Countryside Self-Storage in Pittsburg, Joplin, and Frontenac!