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How Self Storage Can Help a Business Grow this Year!
Growing your business is important, and it comes with plenty of perks. However, getting bigger also brings with it more than a few challenges. Keeping up with a growing demand for your products or services can mean a need for more space, whether you’re using that space for offices, inventory storage, workshop space, or customer-facing areas. Here’s how self storage in Missouri can be a cost-effective solution to help your business grow this year!
Why business self storage? Missouri self storage provides an ideal and out-of-the-way solution for homeowners, and it can do the same for businesses of all sizes and types. Self storage facilities offer clean, secure, convenient places to store anything from paperwork to equipment to excess merchandise, all without the hassle of a commercial lease. Many facilities give customers the option to choose climate-controlled storage, which can keep items like paperwork or electronics safe from the hazards of temperature and humidity.
Create a better work environment for growth. A cluttered workplace is an inefficient workplace, and growth is much harder when you’re constantly having to step over and around clutter or spending time finding places for important items to go. Clutter is a distraction, and your employees will perform better if their workspace is clean and free from clutter. It’s easier to find things in well-organized storage and, of course, any customer-facing areas should look as neat and tidy as possible.
Buy in bulk, save money. Growth brings with it increasing costs, but you can actually save money by buying items that you’ll need in large quantities in bulk. Of course, the question then becomes where do you put all those items? The answer is your self storage unit! And did you know, in many cases deliveries from shipping or trucking companies can be made direct to your storage facility. For many small businesses, this represents a huge reduction in cost and time!
Prepare for change. With growth comes change, whether that means relocating to a larger facility, renovating your existing space, or simply adjusting to increased demands. Whatever kind of change your business is facing, self storage in Missouri can help. Whether you need to move stuff to an inconspicuous spot during renovations or stage things during a transition, you can store anything you need to get out of the way and keep items in storage for as long as you like.
Manage seasonal overflow. While retailers, in particular, see significant shifts that accompany holidays and changing weather, every business faces changes that come with the seasons. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you can manage those changes with help from Missouri self storage.
As your business grows, so can your storage space. Self storage facilities offer units of various sizes so that you can increase or decrease your self storage footprint depending on the needs of your business. When you need more space, you can upgrade to a bigger unit, and when your business is experiencing a contraction, you can shift to a smaller unit to save costs.
Whatever your business storage needs, you can find the perfect solution at one of Countryside’s four premier self storage facilities. With locations in Pittsburg, Joplin, and Frontenac, there’s bound to be a Kansas or Missouri self storage facility near you!

Jan 2023