Self Storage in Pittsburg Can Help College Students Store Their Stuff!

Self Storage College Students Kansas

Did you know? Last year, 20.4 million students went off to attend colleges and universities across the U.S. Each one of them left home with a car or truckload of belongings, and they probably came back with a whole lot more. Where do they put all that stuff? For many, the answer is self storage for college students!

How can self-storage in Pittsburg help college students? Let us count the ways!

1. Self Storage Saves You Space and Money. In college, both space and money are often in short supply. Dorms don't offer a lot of room for storage, and during the summer or an off semester, housing costs can be prohibitive, especially in larger towns or cities. Fortunately, there's no need to pay an arm and a leg for a larger living space when you can turn to self storage instead. And if you're living with a friend or roommate, you can even split the cost of a storage unit, which can help you save even more!

2. Self Storage Gives You Easy Access to Items You Can't House on Campus. It's not always easy to know what to take with you when you head off to college, but it doesn't take long to realize what belongings you won't really have room for in a dorm or apartment. Sometimes this is stuff that simply won't fit in your dorm room, and other times it may be stuff that you just don't need very often during the course of a school year. Whatever you need to keep handy but out of the way, self storage for college students may be the answer!

3. You Can Travel Light with Self Storage. Whether you're studying abroad or just taking the summer to travel and see the world, you may not have the extra cash to keep up an apartment or other living space while you're out of town—or out of the country. That's where self storage for college students comes in. Whether you'll be gone for a month or a whole semester, self storage can keep all your stuff safe while you're away, so it's waiting for you when you come back.

4. Self Storage Helps Keep the Parents Happy. Moving back and forth from home every summer can be a real burden. Even if you live where you're going to school, chances are your parents have gotten used to you being away. Maybe they need you to clear out your stuff so they can set up that yoga studio or man cave they've always wanted. And when it comes time to move back in at the end of the summer, self storage makes returning to the dorms or your apartment a breeze.

5. Self Storage is a Benefit to Student Groups. Individual students aren't the only ones who use self storage for college students in Pittsburg, KS and beyond. Student groups such as sororities, fraternities, clubs, and other organizations often use Countryside Self Storage as a place to store things for mixers and other events

6. Self Storage Makes Finding a Post-Grad Home Easier. Self storage isn't just handy for when you're still in college, either. Once you graduate, a self storage unit can help you store your stuff safely and securely while you look for a place to live and get settled into your first post-grad job. If you're sharing space with a roommate or living in a smaller apartment until you can find a more permanent home, self storage for college students can help you even after you're out of college.

To make the deal even sweeter, college students get 20% off their first month's rent at Countryside Self Storage. To learn more, just ask one of our friendly staff at any of our five convenient Pittsburg, Joplin, or Frontenac locations!

Posted on: APR 2018