Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kansas or Missouri Self Storage Unit | Countryside Self Storage

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Spring is finally here, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! It’s time to shake off the winter blues and get the house ready for warmer weather. Here at Countryside Self Storage in Missouri and Kansas, we talk a lot about the value of decluttering your home throughout the year and how self storage can help you do just that. As such, you probably know that keeping the clutter down makes your home more comfortable, more efficient, more tidy, and even healthier. But what we don’t discuss quite as often is the value that also comes with keeping your Kansas and Missouri self storage units neat and organized, as well. That’s why we’ve assembled some of our top spring-cleaning tips for your self storage unit.
1. Organize all the cleaning and packing supplies that you’ll need in advance. This may include a broom, paper towels, cleaning wipes and sprays, etc. Because some things may be coming out of storage while others go in or get repackaged, you’ll also want to bring along packing supplies such as garbage bags, boxes, tape, labels, and so on.
2. Make some space to work. Whether you have an exterior or an interior storage unit, you’ll need a little space to move things in and out so that you can clean and declutter. Most self storage providers will happily lend you a flat cart or something to help move your items more efficiently, as well.
3. Air everything out. While you’re working, keep the door open. This will not only provide ventilation for any cleaning chemicals that you may be using, it’ll also help circulate air throughout your storage unit, which can help to freshen everything up and eliminate musty or dusty smells that might otherwise settle in your unit. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even bring in a box or tower fan to help circulate more air.
4. See what you want to keep—and what you don’t. Whether you’re planning to add more stuff to your storage unit during your spring cleaning or not, this is the perfect time to go through what’s in there and see what you may no longer need. If items have been in storage for more than a year and you haven’t used them, it might be time to let them go. You can donate anything you no longer want to keep, or throw it out if it can’t be donated.
5. Reorganize whatever’s left. There may be less in your storage unit than when you started, and even if there’s not, now’s a great time to take stock of the layout and how you’re using your space. Maybe you access some items more often than you thought you would, or you’ve come up with better solutions for keeping things up off the floor since you first started using your unit. If you think of changes that will make your unit more efficient and easier to use, now’s the time to implement them!
6. Now it’s finally time to tidy up. This is basically the same as when you’re cleaning at home. Dust, sweep the floor, scrub any stains or spots, and so on. This means cleaning the floor and walls of your unit, sure, but it also applies to the items inside. Get the dust off those boxes! Fortunately, cleaning your Kansas or Missouri self storage unit doesn’t have to be a big chore! It can be fast and even fun. If you need any help or advice, the friendly staff at Countryside Self Storage is always happy to help! Ready to start cleaning out—or filling up—your self storage unit today? Contact us at any of our self storage locations!