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Tackling Summer Moves: How Self-Storage Can Make Your Transition Smooth
Moving during the hot summer months can be a broiling, grueling process, but it doesn’t have to be! With a little planning and the right resources, such as self-storage in Missouri and Kansas, your next move can be smooth and hassle-free, no matter what the weather is doing outside. How? Not to worry! We’ve assembled a few ways that self-storage can make your next transition a whole lot easier.
Move at Your Own Pace: Especially when the heat is on, it can be nice to move at your own pace, rather than having to haul a bunch of boxes and furniture from place to place during the hottest part of the day. Self-storage in Missouri and Kansas lets you move things a bit at a time, because you can stage them in your storage unit as you pack the next box. That way, you can move what you want, when you want, and always have plenty of room at home.
Upsize or Downsize: Whether your new place is bigger or smaller than where you lived before, it’s likely that the place you’re moving to is not exactly the same size and shape as the place you’re moving from. Fortunately, self-storage can help free up space for you to adjust to your new digs, whether you need to keep things out of the way until you figure out where they go or store things for the long haul if you’re moving into a smaller place.
Take Advantage of a Temporary Holding Area: During a move, items often shuffle back and forth between your old home and your new one. You may hire a moving company to haul your stuff, or you may have certain new items delivered to the new place. A secure self-storage facility makes it easy to transfer items without cluttering up either house, and you can store even the bulkiest of items affordably until you’re ready to move them into their new home.
Declutter for Home Staging: Speaking of clutter, everyone knows that your house sells best if it looks its best. One way to ensure that is to stage your home for a quick sale. This means getting rid of all the clutter that comes with living in a home every day and making the place look like a picture in a magazine. How do you do that while still keeping all your belongings around? Self-storage in Missouri and Kansas provides the perfect solution!
Remember Climate-Controlled Units: If it’s hot outside, that’s an important time to remember that Countryside Storage offers climate-controlled units that can help keep your most valuable items safe from extreme temperatures and humidity. After all, we get plenty of both during the summer months here in Kansas and Missouri. Whether you’re storing more vulnerable items for the long haul or just keeping them safe during your move, we’ve got a climate-controlled solution that’s perfect for you.
Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: Summer is a popular time for people to move, but it’s also peak storage season. This may mean that it’s a challenge to find the storage unit that’s just what you’re looking for. As soon as you start planning to move, reach out to a storage facility and secure the unit that will fit your needs.
Those are just a few of the ways that self-storage in Missouri and Kansas can help you out in the midst of a summertime move. We’ve also recently put together some tips on how to best pack your belongings to make the most of your self-storage experience. Whether you’re planning a move or just need a little extra space around the house, contact Countryside Self-Storage at any of our Pittsburg, Joplin, or Frontenac locations today!