Benefits of RV, Boat, or Vehicle Storage in Kansas & Missouri

RV Driving To Countryside Self Storage In Pittsburgh, KS

Your car is one thing. You drive that every day, and you park it in the driveway or in the garage, if you have the space. (Maybe you've cleaned out your garage with the help of a self storage unit?) But when it comes to specialty vehicles such as boats, classic cars, and especially recreational vehicles, well, those are something else, right?

An RV is more than just a vehicle, after all. It's a home away from home, a symbol of personal freedom. It's probably something that you saved up a long time for, and it carries memories of cherished family vacations and camping trips. When you're done getting your kicks on Route 66, making that scenic trip through Yellowstone National Park, or taking that once-in-a-lifetime trek up to Denali National Park in Alaska, you want to keep your RV someplace safe and out-of-the-way so that it's ready and waiting the next time you need it. That's where covered and uncovered vehicle storage comes in.

What are some of the benefits of covered and uncovered vehicle storage?
One of the biggest reasons that people turn to vehicle self storage in Joplin, MO or Frontenac and Pittsburg, KS is simply a matter of space and convenience. Many HOAs have rules against parking recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, and other specialty vehicles in driveways or back yards. If that's true in your neighborhood, you've got to have someplace to put your vehicle, and many people prefer the peace of mind that comes with vehicle self storage.

With covered storage, your vehicle has a certain amount of protection from the elements. Whether you choose covered or uncovered storage, you're going to get more security than you would have at home with fenced and walled perimeters and electronic gate access. Plus, some vehicle self storage has electric hookups available, which can be a major help when getting your RV ready for your next big trip.

How do you use covered or uncovered vehicle storage?
Start by asking the experts. The pros at your local self storage facility can help you to choose a covered or uncovered vehicle storage solution in Kansas or Missouri that fits your needs, whether you're storing an RV, a trailer, a boat, a jet ski, or any other vehicle. It's also a good idea to learn how to properly prepare your RV, boat, or other vehicle for long-term storage. Make sure to contact your insurance carrier to see if there's anything you need to do to keep your coverage while your vehicle is in storage.

Looking for covered or uncovered vehicle storage?
Countryside Self Storage has got you covered, no pun intended! Our Pittsburg, KS location offers both covered and uncovered vehicle storage, including covered RV storage with a 14' 6" height clearance to accommodate trailers of any size, including commercial semi-truck trailers, not to mention 30-amp electrical connections in each unit. Are you closer to our location in Frontenac, KS? You can still take advantage of secure, uncovered outdoor parking for RVs, while our Joplin, MO location has fully enclosed RV parking, complete with lights, 20-amp electrical outlets, and commercial doors with keypads.

Whatever you're planning to park in covered or uncovered vehicle storage, you can find the perfect solution at Countryside Self Storage. Just contact us at any of our Pittsburg, Joplin, or Frontenac locations, and let our self storage experts help you pick the vehicle storage option that's right for you!

Posted on: MAY 2018