THREE Tips for Newlyweds on Moving in Together and How to Live Clutter Free!

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Wedding season is here! In fact, June is the third most popular month of the year for weddings, following on the heels of October and September. Combining two lives is an amazing and magical thing, but when you get right down to it, merging two living spaces can also create a lot of clutter.
When you get ready to move in together, you may find that you suddenly have two bedroom sets, two couches, twice as many TVs as you did before, and two complete sets of kitchenware, not to mention more clothes, shoes, and hobby items than you can conveniently fit into a one-bedroom apartment. What do you do with it all when your big day arrives?
Self storage in Joplin can help, and not just by giving your stuff a home away from home once you're all moved in. We've got some simple tips that will help you create a perfect list of move-in-ready items so that you're ahead of the game by the time you say, "I do."
Don't wait to start planning. It's good advice for any move: Start planning early. The closer it gets to the actual day of the move, the more stress everyone will be under, especially if you're planning to move right around your wedding. Weddings already involve enough moving parts, so the more you've gotten done in advance, the happier everyone will be. You'll want to compare the size of your old place to your new one and then talk with each other about what you want to keep, what you want to use, and what you want to put into self storage in Joplin, MO. Keep a list, and don't forget to include wedding presents that you'll be bringing with you to your new home.
Purge, baby, purge! When you're combining two lives—and two sets of stuff—it's a great time to declutter. That doesn't mean putting all your belongings on Craigslist and starting over; it means taking time to think and talk about what you no longer need and what you want to keep. Just be sure to show plenty of respect for your partner's stuff, too. Even if that throw pillow doesn't mean anything to you, it might be really important to your future spouse. This is also a great time to clean out the fridge. That bottle of Sriracha is more than a year old and you know it!

Store what you want to keep but can't take to the new home. For those things you can't bear to part with but also don't have room for, there's self storage in Joplin, MO. Bringing everything with you into your new life is no good for balance or harmony in the new home. You'll both have things that you want to hang onto that you don't use every day and can't find a good place for amid all your combined stuff. No problem! That's what Joplin self storage is for!
And Aunt Amy, if you're reading this, a year of pre-paid self storage makes a great wedding gift, especially if all the usual stuff on the Pottery Barn registry has been snatched up already!
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