What is a True Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit? | Countryside Self Storage

True Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit
Self storage has been around, in one form or another, since the late 1800s. For much of that time, it amounted to little more than a storage locker where you could stash your stuff. The technology behind self storage has come a long way in recent decades, and one of the biggest improvements is the introduction of climate-controlled self storage. This protects all of the things that shouldn’t be exposed to the fluctuations in heat and cold that we experience here in the Midwest.

Because climate-controlled self storage is so helpful when it comes to storing belongings that can be damaged by extremes of heat and cold, including electronics and furniture, the availability of temperature-controlled units has become an industry standard all over the country. While temperature-controlled units are often referred to as climate-controlled self storage, a storage unit doesn’t have true climate control unless humidity is controlled as well.

How it works: Fluctuations in temperature can damage many fragile items, but fluctuations in humidity may be even more harmful to your most treasured belongings. What’s more, fluctuations in temperature and humidity work together to create moisture, which can damage everything from artwork and important papers to clothing and antiques. To protect many of the most fragile items that people put into self storage, it’s necessary to control both temperature and humidity, which is what true climate-controlled self storage does.

Why it’s necessary: If temperatures or humidity fluctuate outside controlled ranges, they can damage your belongings in a number of ways. Wood furniture may warp or split. Sensitive electronics may stop working. If humid conditions create mold and mildew, that can ruin fabrics, papers, artwork, furnishings, and more. To prevent all of this from happening, the temperature should be maintained between 40 and 90 degrees with less than 60 percent humidity. As anyone who lives in Kansas or Missouri can attest, swings that go way outside those ranges are the norm here. True climate-controlled self storage is essential for protecting your most sensitive belongings.

It's important to remember that even true climate-controlled storage is only part of the battle. Other best practices should be followed when storing your items to ensure that they enjoy optimal protection, such as using pallets or other means to prevent boxes from sitting directly on the storage unit’s concrete floor. Ask your self storage manager if you have questions about the best ways to keep your belongings in climate-controlled self storage.

Here at Countryside Self-Storage, we’re proud to be adding true climate-controlled self storage to our Pittsburg, KS self storage location, in addition to replacing many of the existing gravel drives with concrete paving. The new climate-controlled units will be available this summer. Of course, we already offer some of the best Kansas and Missouri storage units—including temperature-controlled units—at our five premier storage facilities in Pittsburg, Joplin, and Frontenac.