What Benefits Does a Storage Unit Provide? | Countryside Self Storage

benefits of self storage Joplin MO
Did you know? Nearly 10% of American households are currently renting a self storage unit. It's a popular trend across just about every state, from New York to California and from Missouri storage to self storage in Alaska.

Most of the people who rent storage in Joplin or anyplace else already know the many benefits that self storage can provide, but for those who may be researching self storage near where they live for the first time, we thought we'd break down some of the numerous benefits of self storage that we've learned about over the years.

If you're a homeowner looking to declutter, you'll have a storage resource that allows you to minimize what you're keeping at home without having to get rid of the things you may need or want again in the future. You can also stage things in self storage while you make decisions. Sure, you may not have a place for that lamp now, but once you get rid of a bunch of other things, you might find the perfect spot for it!

If you want a place for the things that matter most, you can securely store your most treasured belongings in a climate-controlled environment and keep them safe from extremes of heat, cold, or humidity.

If you need a workspace or you're renovating your home, you can store furniture and boxes while you transform part (or all) of your house. This will help keep things free from dust and damage while you work and make it that much easier to move everything back in when you're done.

If you're moving to a new home or downsizing, you'll have a place to stage things while you sort out what you want to keep and what you need to let go of as you move into a smaller space. And this doesn't just apply to you. If your empty-nester parents are planning to downsize, self storage can be a big help in sorting out a lifetime's worth of belongings.

If you're stationed with the military, self storage provides a permanent "base" where you can store your stuff when you're going to be away from home, whether that's at another base here in the States or at one overseas.

If your hobbies are taking over your home, you can get your space back without having to sacrifice your hobby collection! In fact, a well-organized self storage unit can actually help you grow your hobby collection!

If you have a lot of holiday decorations, a self storage unit gives those inflatable ghosts and Santas a safe space to rest up during the off season, along with all your holiday lighting, wreaths, boxes of ornaments, you name it. It isn't just décor items that benefit from seasonal self storage, either. All those pool toys can go into storage during the winter months, while those heavy coats and snow shovels can take their place during the summer. You can keep all of it out of your garage and out of your hair!

No matter the reason you need a little extra space, the benefits of self storage are numerous, and we've listed just a few of them. If you need some extra space in your life, contact Countryside Self Storage for the very best in Pittsburg, Frontenac, and Joplin storage solutions today!