Climate Control in Joplin, MO & Pittsburg, KS

When you need to store your belongings away from home, it’s normal to be a little worried about your items not maintaining their condition or being damaged. After all, there are some items you wouldn’t store in a hot garage all summer, so why would you store them in a storage unit?

Since Countryside Self Storage is determined to provide the best and latest storage options and technology, we’re eager to provide you with climate-controlled storage units at our Pittsburg KS and Joplin, MO location. These units provide you with a stable environment in which to store your belongings.

So, what makes climate control so special? Why are they better than traditional storage units, and how do they protect your belongings? Climate control basically maintains a stable temperature and humidity level, helping you avoid damages like rust, warping, melting, mildew, mold, cracking, and fading.
There are certain items for which a climate controlled unit is essential, like:
  • Vinyl records
  • Photographs
  • wooden furniture
  • leather products
  • electronics
  • wine
  • musical instruments (all)
  • artwork
A good rule of thumb for determining whether climate control is necessary for your items is asking yourself if you’d store your items in a hot garage for a year. If the answer is no, then climate control is right for you.