How to Re-purpose a Bedroom after Your College Student Moves Out

Self Storage

If you have a college student in the family, you're probably spending this week watching him or her pack up to move to campus and begin classes. While parting with your college-age kiddo is sweet sorrow, you may also find yourself looking around and thinking about how much extra space you'll suddenly have when your kid is gone. Here are just a few ways you can re-purpose that bedroom after your college student moves out. Whatever you decide to do, self storage in Joplin can help!

A home movie theater! It doesn't take much to transform a bedroom into a movie theater where you can watch your favorite flicks in the comfort of your own home. Just get a recliner or two and a big-screen TV, put some blackout curtains over the windows, and you're ready to go! If you're really ambitious, you can even put up a projector and get a screen for the full home-movie experience.

Bookish by nature? A reading room will suit you. Think of all those books you've been meaning to read but just haven't had the time. Maybe they're weighing down bookshelves, piling up on your nightstand, or packed away in boxes. Add a comfy chair, some good lighting, and a few bookcases, and your new reading room is ready to go!
How about a game room? Pool table, shuffleboard, darts; whatever you like to play, why not give yourself a place to unwind on the weekends or after a hard day of work? You can even set up a spare TV, your favorite gaming console, and some nice chairs for a video game room.

The most massive walk-in closet! If you're always finding yourself with more clothes and shoes than you have closet space, why not make a little extra room for all your stuff by turning your college-bound kid's room into a giant walk-in closet? Pick up some portable clothes racks and other closet accoutrements at your favorite home goods store, and you're on your way!

You could always do a home office. Whether you run a home-based business, sell stuff on Etsy, or just always wanted some space to do your accounting or write the great American novel, all you need is a desk, a chair, and a lamp and you're on track for the home office you've been waiting for.

Or maybe just a flex room. Call it whatever you want: a bonus room, a spare room, or a flex room. There's really no limit to what you can do with your departing college student's old bedroom. It can be a crafting nook, man cave, exercise room; you name it!

Whatever you decide to do with your newly acquired space, you'll need someplace to store everything that you've moved out of the room. After all, chances are your kiddo will want it back sooner or later. If you don't have ample space in the garage, attic, or basement, self storage in Joplin should be your next call. We're anxious to hear about what you're doing with your new room, and we're happy to help find a storage solution that fits your needs. If your college student is heading out and you've got big plans for your now-empty bedroom, just contact Countryside Self Storage in Joplin today and let us help make room for your dreams.