How to Store Hunting and Sports Equipment in the Off Season

Hunting Equipment Storage

When a sports season or hunting season comes to an end, reliable, climate controlled self storage can come in extremely handy. You'll have a safe, out-of-the way spot to store your hunting gear, golf clubs, sports uniforms, or just about anything else, and then it will be ready for you when the next season rolls around again.

If you really value your hunting and sports equipment, it pays to take good care of it. That means you'll need to do more than just stuffing it all into a cardboard box and forgetting about it until next season. The right packing supplies will help keep your stuff safe and organized, and these tips from the Joplin self storage experts will help make sure that everything is stored just as it should be:

Hunting Gear
As any serious hunter knows, there's a lot that goes into a good hunting trip. Having the right gear can mean the difference between a successful trip and a trip that's cold, unpleasant, or even dangerous. To make sure your gear is always working properly, you need to take good care of it during the off-season. Before you store your hunting clothes, wash and dry everything. Fold and seal them in scent-free plastic bags, and then store everything in a moisture-proof container with a tight-fitting lid. Boots should be cleaned, conditioned, and waterproofed as needed. fghjcghj

Remove batteries before putting electronic items into climate controlled self storage. Specialized pieces of equipment such as game calls, decoys, tree stands, and game meat processing equipment usually come with manuals that will tell you the proper way to store them. Firearms and ammunition are about the only part of your hunting setup that can't go into self storage in Joplin. For those, a gun safe at home is your best bet.

Sports Equipment
Whether you're packing away winter sports equipment or unpacking stuff for the summer, there's plenty of gear that goes into just about any sport that you and your family members might play. If your kids play soccer, you'll have balls and uniforms. Football players have pads and helmets. If you're into lacrosse or hockey, you'll have sticks and other gear. And anyone who has ever bought golf clubs knows that they're expensive enough to justify some careful storage.

Before you put any of your sporting equipment into Joplin self storage, make sure that it's clean. This means washing clothes and uniforms, cleaning up other gear, and even wiping off balls or pucks or whatever. Anything that has air in it should be deflated before storage. Special storage racks are available to hold balls, sticks, and other gear. Golf clubs are easy to store, because they already come in a bag. Just make sure that they're thoroughly cleaned and then cover the heads of the clubs. Some bags have rain covers that work great for this purpose.

Whatever you're putting into self storage, it's important to catalog it as you put it in. You'll want to store seasonal items so that they can be easily rotated. This way, the next ones you need will be easy to reach. Need a little extra space for all your gear? Countryside self storage in Joplin, Pittsburg, and Frontenac offers all the amenities that you could ask for, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with any storage questions you might have.