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What’s the number-one reason people rent a self storage unit? They want to eliminate clutter from their home. What’s the number-one reason people hesitate to rent a self storage unit? The “clutter” they are wanting to eliminate from their home has value, and they’re worried about subjecting it to the elements. Here’s the good news: You can take a few simple steps to protect your stored items from damage. Here are the top tips for protecting your property in a self storage unit.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage. Seems simple enough, right? Not all storage units are equal. Some are climate-controlled, and some are not. A storage unit can’t offer true climate control unless humidity is controlled as well. If you have anything of value, anything that is an antique or an heirloom, anything that might be sensitive to extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity, climate-controlled self storage is the way to go. You wouldn’t consider putting your valued items in an old storage shed in the back yard, after all. Why risk exposing anything of value to the elements if you don’t have to?
Inspect and Clean the Unit. Here’s another handy tip. Before you move in and load up your storage unit, take a few minutes to give it a thorough inspection and clean it up as needed. Usually this means no more than sweeping the floor, knocking down a few cobwebs, and wiping down surfaces. Of course, a good storage company such as Countryside Self Storage will rent you a unit that’s been cleaned already. Still, dust and dirt can accumulate in self storage units over time, so it doesn’t hurt to go over it again.
Pack your items with protection in mind. Sure, it may be tempting to use all of the old cardboard boxes stashed in the basement, but cardboard really isn’t the best. Certain types of pests are attracted to cardboard. Cardboard is susceptible to moisture, and it can begin to degrade. Cardboard isn’t particularly strong and will begin to collapse over time if it’s stacked improperly. Instead, pack your items more securely in plastic storage bins. They are durable and waterproof and will not wear down over time. Certain types of lids even provide an airtight seal.
Keep security in mind. We wrote a whole article about how to keep your belongings secure in self storage, so click the link and read all about good security measures that will keep your stuff safe.
Lastly, never store irreplaceable valuables. Why not? Even in the best-case scenario, unfortunate things happen, and insurance can’t cover the sentimental value. As much as self storage companies in Kansas or Missouri would love to help you store your possessions, some things are best kept at home. For everything else, yes, climate-controlled self storage is the way to go.
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Feb 2023