Covered RV Parking in Joplin, MO & Pittsburg, KS

Once the summer months are over and you’ve completed all of the family road trips, storing your RV in a safe place should be a top priority. Fortunately, Countryside Self Storage has everything RV owners need in order to protect their investments year-round, especially during the cold winter months with snow, hail, and blustery winds.
If you live in the Joplin, MO and Pittsburg, KS areas, Countryside Self Storage has covered vehicle storage spaces fit to store some of the largest RVs. Both locations offer unenclosed canopy style RV parking and our Joplin facility has a completely enclosed RV unit big enough to park a Class A RV. Whether you choose an unenclosed or canopy space, both are built to effectively resist scratches, rust, corrosion and ensure the highest level of weather protection through every season.
To get the most out of your covered space, we encourage you to speak to a storage expert so that you’re able to properly prepare your RV for storage. Whether you need a space short or long-term, make sure to contact your insurance carrier to get all of the information you need about keeping coverage throughout that time.