Winter's Coming: More Tips to Prep Your RV for Storage | Countryside Self Storage

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Many of us are welcoming the cooler autumn weather that has already arrived in Joplin, Missouri and the rest of the Midwest, but these cooler temperatures have some downsides. They’re a big reminder that winter weather will be here soon enough. For those who own an RV, travel trailer, or camper, these cooler temps are the signal that the season is coming to an end and it’s time to start preparing your RV for storage. We’ve talked about some handy tips to help prepare your RV for autumn and winter storage in the past, but we’re returning with even more tips from the pros on how to prep for RV storage in Joplin, MO during the off-season:
1. Cover Your RV. A breathable, waterproof cover made especially for RVs can help to protect your investment from the elements, including UV damage, dirt, and dust that can accumulate on an RV during storage. In addition to finding the right cover, it’s a good idea to close any vents or other openings to prevent pests from getting into your RV.
2. Choose the Right Parking Surface. Parking your RV or trailer on surfaces like grass or dirt might seem convenient, but this can accelerate tire deterioration. It’s best to opt for a hard, non-organic surface to prevent tire rot and ensure your RV remains in top shape.
3. Inspect the Whole Thing. RVs are pretty durable, but anything that spends that much time outdoors is subject to a lot of stress and strain from the elements. When preparing your RV for storage, be sure to check all the windows, doors, and any rubber seals, and look for cracks in the roof or body of the RV. These can let in water or pests that can damage your RV.
4. Give It a Tune-up. Just as your car can benefit from some regular maintenance, the same is true of your RV. Before putting it into long-term storage, disconnect and clean the battery, and store it separately from the RV in a cool, dry place. Check the tires and reinflate any that are low. Finally, top off all the fluids. Your RV will be ready to go when it’s time to get it back out of storage next spring!
5. Consider Climate Control. This doesn’t have to be as involved as a climate-controlled self storage unit would be, but it’s worthwhile to use some moisture-absorbing products inside your RV. This will help reduce humidity during storage which can, in turn, help to prevent the formation of mold.
6. Remove Valuables. Once your RV has been placed in RV storage in Joplin, the folks at Countryside Self Storage will do everything in their power to keep your vehicle safe. But it’s still a good idea to remove any valuables from the vehicle beforehand, not to mention anything that could be damaged by extreme temperatures, such as electronics or liquids that might freeze.
7. Check Safety Systems. It’s never a good idea to leave batteries in something over a long period of time when it’s not in use, so remove batteries from any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in your RV. While you’re at it, check the expiration dates on your fire extinguishers and replace any that are close to expiring.
8. Check on it Regularly. An RV isn’t something that you should just drop off at the self storage facility and forget. Checking on your RV can help to ensure that everything is going as it should and help you catch any problems before they become serious.
Lastly, Keep Notes! Spring is still a long time off, and it’s not reasonable to expect yourself to remember everything from now until then. When you drop off your RV, take photos or notes to help remind you of how things look, what’s been done, and what still needs to be done before you’re ready to hit the road again.
As always, consult your owner’s manual before attempting any RV storage prep, to help ensure that your vehicle is in good shape for next season’s adventures. If you’re looking for RV storage in Joplin, MO or the surrounding area, look no further than Countryside Self-Storage in Joplin, Pittsburg, and Frontenac.